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Connect and communicate with education and workforce agencies to create a seamless talent pipeline from education to employment.

Reach and prepare the talent pipeline.

By creating awareness and relationships in communities, Kuder Connect 2 Business (C2B). gives students and adults a quick, reliable way to find opportunities aligned to their career interests. Plus, it helps local employers promote and fill opportunities ranging from internships and job shadows to part-time jobs and more.

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C2B Helps


  • Target opportunities to students and adults with matching career interests.
  • Collaborate directly with schools and workforce agencies to support local initiatives and programs.
  • Prepare the upcoming talent pipeline for today’s competitive workforce.

Education & Workforce Agencies

  • Create a network of businesses to inform and educate students on current and future options.
  • Get real-world support for making connections between coursework and labor market needs.

Kuder Users

  • Gain immediate access to the latest opportunities and connect with local employers through the Alabama Career Planning System (ACPS), powered by Kuder®.
  • Understand how personal interests relate to the world of work and to the needs of employers in their communities.

Types of Opportunities


Typically work fewer hours in a day or during a work week than full-time employees.


Typically works a minimum number of hours defined by his/her employer (generally 35-45 hours).


An official paid or unpaid program offered by an employer to potential employees in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.


A short-term, unpaid program giving students practical experiences in their field of study.

Job Shadow

A program where job seekers can learn about a particular occupation or profession by accompanying an experienced worker as they perform the targeted job.


Method in which trainees learn a craft or trade by hands-on experience while working with a skilled worker, usually under a written or implied contract binding future employment for a specific period of time.

Audience Types


Middle and high school; commonly refers to students in grades 6 -12.


College, career, or technical schools/adult education and adult job seekers.


Secondary students, postsecondary students, and adult job seekers. Full-time opportunity type is not available for “All” audiences.

Top 5 Reasons For Businesses To Choose Connect 2 Business


It makes finding support a breeze.

With just a few clicks, Kuder Connect 2 Business (C2B) lets you generate awareness about your business and current and future opportunities including internships, job shadows, and part-time and full-time positions — all within your user-friendly C2B account.


It’s great PR.

As a C2B employer, you’ll be known as a champion of education, a forward-thinking leader, and provider of good jobs. Plus, you’ll form strong partnerships with schools and workforce centers who may look to you to ensure curricula and training supports the development of essential skills.


It builds sustainable economies.

Participation means you’re helping the future workforce understand the education and skills needed to be successful, engaged employees. Studies show that engaged employees are productive, efficient, and have strong affinities to their employers, therefore supporting local, regional, state, even national economic growth and sustainability.


It presents growth opportunities.

When you gain employees using C2B, you’re able to present long-time workers with valuable opportunities to serve as ambassadors for your company, and to use or advance their communications and leadership skills.


It’s a win-win for employers and users.

By providing meaningful work-based learning opportunities, not only will your business benefit from hiring enthusiastic, tech-savvy, talented young people, you’ll inspire students and adults to pursue relevant coursework and make informed decisions regarding career paths, especially in terms of postsecondary education and vocational training.

“One of the things I think that makes the career planning system unique is that it addresses the needs, especially those of workforce in our local communities."

Sean Stevens Education Administrator, Counseling and Guidance Alabama State Department of Education

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